Viewed towards Scarborough, the yard track layout at Wykeham can be seen in the distance. The main line to Forge Valley splits left.

Wykeham Station

Wykeham Station was situated to the north of the village and was originally named Ruston.

The yard had only two sidings, one for the coal drops and the second had a two tone crane. There was a weigh house near the main road, while the railway and station building held an elevated position. It was the only station on the branch which was not accompanied by a crossing keepers cottage.

The ground frame on the platform had thirteen levers and was covered by a wooden shelter.


Mr George Henry Stephenson was station master at Wykeham in 1890.


Mr John Jennings was station master at Wykeham in 1901 and still there in 1905.


In 1911 Mr James Riddell was station master at Wykeham.


Mr George Frederick Willis was a grade I porter at Wykeham in 1939.


In 1941 Mr George Baker was a porter/signalman at Wykeham.


When the line closed in May 1950, Mr George Thompson was a porter at Wykeham.

After closure