Barkers Lane Crossing in May 2009.

Barkers Lane Crossing

Barkers Lane was between Snainton and Sawdon stations.

The railway passed the gatehouse on the north side.

An extension has been added and the roof is now tiled. Combined with the brickwork having been painted over, it is harder to tell this was once a railway building compared to some of the other gatehouses along the line.


Mr Tom Dickinson was a platelayer at Barker's Lane in 1891 and still there in 1921, when his daughter was recored as the gate keeper. Tom lived there for 41 years and had 11 offspring, all of which were born at Barker's Lane. Two of his sons Tom and John, who in 1950 lived in Hutten Buscel, travelled on the last train.


Mr George H. Edmond was a platelayer living at Barker's Lane Gate House in 1939.