What is understood to be a Class 686 2-4-0 brings a Pickering bound passenger service over the level crossing into Snainton Station.

A group of passengers are waiting on the platform while a member of staff looks towards the camera.

The greenhouse on the Scarborough bound platform can be seen on the left.

Also of note are the sleepers lying in between the tracks. Perhaps the track had just been replaced or is about to be.

Snainton Station

Snainton was the busiest station on the branch, the only one with a passing loop and had two platforms. It also had a greenhouse on the platform, an unusual addition. The ground frame on the platform had forteen levers and was covered by a wooden shelter.

A strange ornament at Snainton was a hippopotamus skull, which was presented to the station master at the time, Mr Benjamin FIeldsend who had it mounted on a bracket under the station building canopy. After the line closed in 1950, the skull was presented to the signalman at Ravenscar. It was placed on his garden gate, but after a number of years disappeared.

Either end of the station was marked by a level crossing, with Middle Lane at the east and Foulbridge Lane which had a crossing keepers cottage to the west. Immediately south of the station was a brickyard, which supplied the builders of the line for many of the structures. There were coal drops, a loading bay and a short run round loop for goods facilities.


Mr T Harrison who was station master at Snainton, moved to Kirkham Abbey Station in late 1883 to fill the post of the station master who was retiring. At Snainton, he was replaced by Mr E Lawson, who was promoted from the position of booking clerk, Knaresborough.


Mr E Lawson became station master at Grosmont, being replaced at Snainton by Mr S Hale who was moved from the station master position at Hammerton.


Mr Benjamin Fieldsend was station master at Snainton until 1922 when Mr R.H. Tindall took over the role.


Mr A. Hunter was a porter/signalman at Snainton in 1923.


Mr Ernie Megson was a porter/signalman in 1930, still working there in 1941.


Bernard H. Artley was a porter signalman at Snainton from 1938 until closure in 1950.

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