Westfield Lane Crossing looking towards Pickering in May 1996.

Westfield Crossing

Westfield Lane crossing and gatehouse was located about a mile west of Thornton Dale Station. It met with Broadmires Lane to the south of the railway, which eventually leads to the southern edge of Thornton Dale village.

The original windows have been replaced with larger modern double glazing and like many of the other gatehouses extensions have been added on. The original outline is still apparent, notably the chimney.


Mr Richard Widd was a platelayer at "Westfield Gate House" in 1891. Richard was brother to Henry Widd of Broadmire Crossing and Thompson Widd who had lived at both Allerston and Ebberston gate houses.


Mr Peter H. Watson was a platelayer at "Westfield Gate House" in 1901.


Mr Robert Ireland was a platelayer living at "Westfield Crossing" in 1911.


Edith Thompson was gatekeeper at "Westfield Gate House" in 1939.