Broadmires Lane Crossing looking east in May 1996. Hidden by the trees in this photo, the cottage has had an extension, doubling the size of the building.

Broadmires Crossing

Sometimes recorded as "Broadmires" and others as "Broadmire", the crossing and gatehouse was about half a mile west of Thornton Dale station where "West Gate" road became "Broadmires Lane".

This gatehouse has had a large extension added on the east end, doubling the size of the property.


Mr Peter Tomlinson was a platelayer at what is titled "West Gate (Carr Green)" which is assumed to be Broadmires Crossing in 1891.


Mr Henry Widd was a platelayer at "Broadmires Crossing" in 1901 and still there in 1911. He had moved from Ings Lane crossing near Ebberston, where he was working from in 1891. Henry's son Harold was a railway clerk in 1901, most likely working at Thornton Dale Station. Henry was brother to Richard Widd of Westfield Crossing and Thompson Widd who had lived at both Allerston and Ebberston gate houses.


In 1921 Mr Samuel Keast was a platelayer at "Broadmire Crossing", while his wife Jessie was gatekeeper. They had previously been at Goose Lane gatehouse in 1911.


Violet Pinnock was gatekeeper at "Broadmire Crossing" in 1939.