The signal box at Eastgate Crossing in 1980, around 16 years after the tracks had been lifted between Thornton Dale and Mill Lane Junction. This view is looking south.

Eastgate Crossing

Eastgate crossing was originally the "inner junction" for the short length of double track which diverged from Mill Lane Junction on the mainline from Rillington.

There was a small brick eight lever signal box, which after closure became a potting shed but had been demolished by 1995.

The crossing itself negotiated the Malton to Pickering main road, now the A169. On the west side was the crossing keepers cottage.


In 1932 the "inner junction" arrangement was removed, with the down line becoming a siding. At the same time, Eastgate Signal Box was taken out of use, with an adjacent two lever ground frame used for what infrastructure remained.

The branch to Gilling had a similar arrangement, being double track as far as Goslip Bridge. This was singled in 1924.

After closure