Ebberston Crossing keepers house in June 1995. The North Eastern Railway enamel sign can be seen on display above the front door.

Ebberston Crossing

The crossing at Ebberston village was about a mile east of Ebberston Station. Ethel Wood was living there in 2005. Her husband, Dennis Wood died in 2002. They moved into the gate house in May 1951, shortly after the Forge Valley Line was closed and were there to witness the tracks and crossing gates being removed in 1952. When they arrived, there was no hot water, just the well in the back yard. The original pump still remains, but the well has been blocked up and mains water supplied. Next to the pump, is the coal house, wash house and outside toilet in the form of back yard sheds. The gate house still sported it's enamel North Eastern name board until 2003, when Ethel removed it from display.

Dennis Wood was for a short time around the early 1940's a porter at Ebberston Station. At that time he lived in the village of Ebberston and had to walk along Penniston Lane to the station. After that he went to work on the mainline from Malton to Scarborough.


Joseph Postill was a platelayer at Ebberston Crossing in 1891 and still there in 1901.


In 1911 Thompson Widd was a platelayer at Ebberston Crossing. He had moved from Allerston Crossing.


In 1921 David Arthur Bell was a platelayer at Ebberston Crossing.

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