Foulbridge Lane Crossing Keepers Cottage in May 1996.

Foulbridge Lane Crossing

Foulbridge Lane Crossing was situated at the west end of Snainton station.

The railway passed the gate house on the north side as single track. The headshunts for the station goods yard and coal cells started immediately east of the crossing gates.

At many of the gatehouses, the man of the household worked as a platelayer maintaining the track for several hundred yards either side while his wife operated the crossing gates. This is apparent at Foulbridge Lane in 1939.


Mr William Swain was a platelayer living at Foulbridge Lane "Gate House" in 1891 and still there in 1901.


In 1939 Mr Owen Busby was a permanent way labourer living at Foulbridge Lane Gate House. His wife Annie E. Busby was the crossing keeper.