The Camping Coach at Forge Valley

Camping Coaches

In June 1933 the LNER adapted 10 old Great Northern six-wheeler carriages for camping holidays and placed them on 10 different branches across the LNER system. At this time camping coaches were provided nearby the Forge Valley Line, but not on it.

The idea was a success and by the mid-thirties camping coaches reached the Forge Valley Line. They were provided at the two Yorkshire beauty spots, Thornton Dale and Forge Valley, one carriage at each station.

The coach at Forge Valley had the number CC17, formerly 42492, and was an ex-Great Northern Railway six wheeler. The conversion was sanctioned on 4th January 1934 and outshopped on 10th March 1934 displaying a revised livery from the original. The previous teak livery remained, but it now featured the legend 'LNER Camping'.

From 1935 onwards, LNER camping coaches were repainted in the familiar tourist stock colours green & cream. Thereafter the legend 'Camping' was not generally featured leaving only the company's initials and the 'CCxx' number, even though much of the company's advertisement material tending to suggest otherwise.

The venture was brought to an end in 1939 in the outbreak of World War II. The camping coach returned in 1952 but by then the Forge Valley Line had closed.

Photos of Camping Coaches :