BTP Tank arrives at Snainton Station
Thornton Dale Station in the 1930's
Forge Valley Station looking west
Staff pose for the photograph at Sawdon
Ebberston Station clad with ivy
Sawdon Station Building
Snainton Station in 1905
British Queen at Scarborough departing for Pickering in the 1930's
LNER Class A8 No.1502 passes through Snainton in 1936

A historical archive of the Pickering to Scarborough Railway

The Forge Valley Railway connected Pickering to Scarborough. Opened on 1st May 1882 and closed just 68 years later on 3rd June 1950 the line was 16¼ miles in length and had six intermediate stations, all of which were built to a uniform design. It left the Malton to Whitby main line half a mile south of Pickering at Mill Lane Junction and joined the York to Scarborough main line at Seamer Junction, 2 miles from the coast.

Recommended Book

The Forge Valley Line by J.R. Lidster The Forge Valley Line, by J. Robin Lidster
Amongst lots of interesting facts, there are trackplans, images and stories about each station and their staff. To anyone interested in the Forge Valley Line, this book is essential, but unfortunately out of print and hard to get hold of.
Do you have any memories of the Forge Valley Line you would like to share? Perhaps a photo or post card from when the line was open or any other relic or piece of information. Please fill in the contact form »

Can you help answer these questions?

» What date was Seamer West signal box opened for use in 1906?
» When were the Weigh Office and Goods Warehouse demolished at Sawdon?
» Do you have any photos pre 1990 of any of the stations, signal boxes, bridges between Pickering and Scarborough?
» I am particularly looking for any photographs of Seamer West Signal Box at the moment.

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