Brompton Crossing May 2009

Brompton Crossing

William Preston and his son Walter were both at work at Brompton in 1901 and still there in 1905. William was a platelayer and Walter was a porter. They lived in the Gate House next to Sawdon Station. William was married to Mary, who had another child called Lottie.

The Preston family had a boarder, Mr John Liveseed, who was also a porter at the station (only record of him in 1901 though).

The 1901 census for Brompton Gate House looked like this:

Name Age Occupation Parish Where Born Relation
William Preston 51 Platelayer Brompton Amotherby, Yorkshire Head
Mary Preston 41 ~ Brompton Malton, Yorkshire Wife
Walter Preston 18 Porter Brompton Malton, Yorkshire Son
Lottie Sherwood 18 ~ Brompton Welburn Step Daughter
John Liveseed 17 Porter On Railway Brompton Moorsholm, Yorkshire Boarder

Photos of Brompton Crossing :