New build G5 No.1759 under construction. The boiler to the left demonstrating the advanced state the project has reached. In front of the smokebox is the completed front wheel-set.

Building a new G5

Possibly the most exciting news in recent times in relation to the Forge Valley Railway, is the announcement that a brand new G5 locomotive would be built for operation on heritage railways and maybe even the mainline. 110 G5's were built between 1894 and 1901 and the new build project aims to recreate No.1759.

This North Eastern Railway tank engine was the type most closely associated with the Forge Valley, from the turn of the century when the class was introduced right through to the final days. After the Sentinel Railcars were retired, G5 No.67273 of Malton shed was a regular on the passenger service and hauled the last passenger train on 3rd June 1950. They continued to be used for hauling the stone traffic from Thornton Dale throughout the 1950's, as the class was steadily withdrawn.

Progress is well advanced and more information can be found about the G5 project here: