Looking east at Wykeham Station

Wykeham Station

Wykeham was the only station on the Forge Valley Line not to be accompanied by a crossing keepers house. To the west of the station, Wykeham lane crossed the line over a bridge and at the east, the Pickering to Scarborough main road crossed under the iron girder Fothill Bridge.

Sawdon and Forge Valley stations were provided with one ton cranes, but Wykeham had a two ton crane for the handling of timber. Empty wagons were supplied by the railway for the timber from Lord Downe's estate on which Wykeham station stood. The crane could only reach two wagons so a pilot engine from Scarborough was used to shunt the trucks ready for the Malton Goods to pick up.

All stations expept Wykeham could deal with livestock and horse boxes.

Provided in the station yard was a weighbridge and coal cells, plus the timber yard with crane.

Photos of Wykeham Station :