Thornton Dale Station in June 1995
Thornton Dale Station in June 1995

Thornton Dale Station Today

Thornton Dale station and yard is now the Overbrook Caravan Park. Very little has changed to the station building itself apart from a few minor modifications. A house of the same architecture as the station building has been built on top of the coal cells.

Two out of the original five chimneys have been removed. A small porch has been built onto the road side, and adjacent to this on the rail side a similar structure stands under part of the platform canopy. One of the doorways under the canopy has been bricked up.

At the west end of the building, the roofless section has been raised from its original height and roofed over. The gate which accessed this part on the road side has been bricked up and a window inserted. A new window has been added on the rail side.

The south side of the bridge which carried the railway over Thornton Beck. Immediately behind the bridge wall is the access road to the crossing keeper's house. Behind that is the track bed, and the station building. The crossing keeper's house stands to the east of the bridge.

Photos of Thornton Dale Station Today :