Thornton Dale - Station Masters and Staff

The first stationmaster, Mr Masterman was reprimanded for not keeping his lamps in order. The passing inspector announcing 'In passing your station by the 5-20p.m. from Pickering yesterday I noticed that your platform lamps were shewing a very bad light and that some of the lamp glasses were not properly cleaned. If the lamps are properly cleaned and trimmed they give an excellent light'.

Mr Johnson wrote a short illustrated article about the station in the N.E.R. magazine of 1911. He mentioned winning seven first class prizes in the 'Best Wayside stations competition', and also that Thornton Dale 'in 1907 secured first position in a competition organised by the Leeds Mercury to decide which was the prettiest village in Yorkshire 11,111 votes having been allotted to it by competitors.'

  • 1st May 1882 - 5th January 1883
    Mr Masterman (Station Master)
  • 1890
    William Germain (Station Master)
  • 1911
    Mr A. H. Johnson (Station Master)
  • 1948
    Mr John Sleight (Station Master)
    Mr Jack F. Layton (Clerk)

In LNER and British Railways times, the station master at Thornton Dale was also in charge of Ebberston.