Snainton Occurrence Book

Occurrence books were kept at each station and signal box on the North Eastern system, although not many survive. The first Occurrence Book from Snainton, covering 1882 to 1933 has been preserved. Some of the more interesting extracts are listed below.

28 APR 1882
(2 days before the line opened to the public). Opened block working Snainton to Sawdon 4:45pm. All in good working order. J.B. Harper, R Brough

14 OCT 1882
Received Stop and Examine train signal ex Sawdon for an 'excursion' Whitby to Scarborough found nothing wrong on arrival here except train only carrying one tail lamp and at that time having a ticket. But nothing to follow on this date.

28 AUG 1891
Bell signal between here and Wilton put out of order by lightning at 1:45pm. Trains Nos. 4, 6 and 7 cautioned, engine180 last one cautioned, fault put right at 6:30pm. B. Fieldsend.

12 DEC 1896
The 8am. Goods left the rails at Wilton, a telegram sent Mr. Brown at Scarbro' for assistance. Tolls Vans left here for Wilton at 9:47am. Line cleared at 10 to 9am.

24 MAR 1897
Engine and tender 192 off the road at No.12 trap points. Tools vans arrived at 6:25pm. Engine on and left at 10:30pm. No detention to passenger traffic.

13 JUL 1899
Engine 476 of 7:30am. ex Pickering to Scarbro' broke down at Wilton. On arrival of Staff engine of Gilling Goods, 1186, after putting his train inside went to Wilton to work train to Scarbro'.

15 FEB 1900
Bell signals with Sawdon out out of order, also speaker, during the snow storm on this date.

22 DEC 1900
Station gates accidentally run through by first train from Scarbro' on this date. Gates replaced and in working order Jan 7/01.

30 OCT 1907
Kirbymoorside to Scarbro' Goods whilst shunting on this date lost a spring off the tender (No.497 driver Geo. Hale) which fell on the rodding of No.7 points breaking the rod in two, reported by wire Inspector Person at 3:48pm.

1 DEC 1908
Ings Lane Crossing gates in charge of Jas. Peter Austen run into by Scarbro' to Kirbymoorside Goods. One gate broken, engine 192.

1 MAR 1909
Wagon 79669 derailed at No.8 points at 9:35am. rerailed 9:53am. Delay to goods 17 minutes reported to Mr. Ellis and Inspector and sent to shops, York March 3rd - draw bar burst and axle box broken.

26 JUN 1909
Unable to gain the attention of Ebberston for 6:10am. Scarbro to Pickering the staff there being late on duty.

30 SEP 1918
11:08am. ex Scarbro' Driver Dickinson, engine 1633 came through Barker Lane Crossing gates. Platelayer Dickenson in charge all gates badly broken.

19 JUL 1923
Fireman working Alne-Helmsley Excursion failed to hand Staff properly which was broken. Reported to Stationmaster same night.

20 JUL 1923
Porter-signalman A. Hunter acted as pilotman in place of Staff between Snainton and Sawdon 7-28am. Staff taken away by Inspector Piercy, Staff restored 4:25pm. Forms collected by Ptr. Sig. Hunter 6:13pm. ex Scarbro' all in order, normal working resumed 6:39pm.

23 DEC 1924
Train passed without tail lamp, 9 beats (on bell) received from Ebberston at 4:27 for Light Engine travelling light from Pickering to Scarbro'. On arrival found engine had white light instead of red tail light.

10 SEP 1928
8:50 D. Goods, Scarbro' to Pickering left here at 10:46am. Guard Cooper missed his hold on van rail and was left on platform and had to walk to Ebberston station.

11 MAY 1929
Guard of Pickup Goods advised Ebberston of sheep on line near Shipley's Gatehouse. Ganger informed of circumstances and all in order without the next train being cautioned.

27 FEB 1930
Wire received ex Thornton Dale informing us Driver of HOPE (Sentinel Railcar) required assistance from here. Ptr. Sig. Megson went to Sawdon by road taking Staff to obtain assistance of goods engine 1992 which arrived here at 10:28 and worked HOPE forward, HOPE taking place of the vehicle.

10 SEP 1932
8:45pm. Scarbro' to Pickering departed Sawdon on time but in the section ran into a horse which was fast under a coach. I was sent by Mr. Hollins to Pickering with Staff for 9:45pm. passenger train which arrived here at 11:19pm. Steam coach arrived here at 11:18pm. and was coupled to empty steam train and run to Pickering at 11:36. Train cleared Ebberston at 11:48pm. and closed at 11:48pm. and 11:41 to Sawdon.

26 JAN 1933
Line clear received for Velocipede 8:01am. Cancelled 8:52am. from Ebberston owing to running badly and staff brough by driver by road for our 9:10am. passenger train avoiding any delay to same.

8 FEB 1933
Staff and 4 Tickets use between Snainton and Sawdon withdrawin 2:57pm. 1823 Engine last to carry Staff. One Snainton ticket held at Sawdon. Electric Key Token working brought into use between Thornton Dale and Snainton 2:18pm. Keys on hand. Train Staff and 4 Tickets withdrawn, Electric Key Token working brough into use between Snainton and Sawdon 2:57pm. 15 keys in use.

8 FEB 1933
(continued) Is Line Clear accepted 9:17 by Ebberston and Train entering section forwarded 9:22 for Rail Motor and owing to Engine failure due to trouble in section it was pushed back here driver being in possession of Staff, cancelled off 9:47 and Staff sent forward with Sawdon Rail Motor that was standing here for 9:47 passenger train ex Pickering.