Seamer Station, June 1968

Seamer Station

Opened on 8th July 1845 with the rest of the York to Scarborough line. Seamer station had an island platform for the main line from York. The booking office was incorporated into the Station Masters house adjacent to the level crossing on Station Road.

In 1911 the station layout was modified with a new Down Slow Line and platform for Forge Valley traffic to clear the main running lines for express workings. Also provided was a standard North Eastern design footbridge to gain access to the Forge Valley platform from the island platform. After the Forge Valley Line closed, the down slow line was removed shortly afterwards.

Seamer had a unique feature of two signal boxes side by side. The signal box set back was the original York & North Midland structure. In 1911, when the Down Slow Line was layed, this signal box was closed and a new one opened to accommodate for the extra signalling and pointwork.

Photos of Seamer Station :