Seamer West Signal Box in July 1968

Seamer Junction

Seamer Junction, known as Seamer West from 1906 when the signal box was built, marked the end of the Forge Valley Line and also the Scarborough to Bridlington Line.

In January 1947 the Forge Valley and York to Scarborough lines were blocked by snowdrifts fifteen feet deep near Seamer Junction. A snow-plough train from York, pushed by two powerful engines, cleared the Seamer to Pickering line first, and for a short time Scarborough to York trains ran via Pickering and Malton.

After the Forge Valley line closed in 1950, Seamer West Signal box remained in use for the line to Filey and Bridlington. The box finally closed on 9th April 2000 and the area it covered moved to a new panel in Seamer East signal box next to the station. After 5th November 2000, Seamer East was renamed to Seamer.

Some of the signal lattice posts from Seamer Junction have made their way to Darley Dale Station on Peak Rail in Derbyshire after the signal box was closed.

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