Staff pose for the photograph at Sawdon
Sawdon Station in about 1926
Sawdon Station Building

Sawdon Station

Probably to avoid confusion with Brompton near Northallerton, also in North Yorkshire, the station on the Forge Valley Line was named Sawdon. The village is also known as Brompton-by-Sawdon for the same reason.

Sawdon was the only station on the line to have an end dock, being able to handle furniture vans, motor cars and carriages. Also provided was a one ton crane, weighbridge, goods warehouse and cattle dock.

The station got quite busy here during the Second World War, when the 11th armoured division took over a Cavalry Unit at nearby Wydale Hall. They also occupied Brompton Hall and armoured vehicles, guns and other equipment were dealt with by the railway.

The freight exports from Sawdon between 1913 & 1920 were as follows:

Year Tonnes
1913 483
1914 701
1915 1240
1916 1269
1917 5021
1918 1262
1919 861
1920 301

Sawdon was the only of the six intermediate stations to have two, rather than three chimney stacks on the main station building from construction. All of the other stations have had some of their chimney's either removed or reduced in height after closure for structural reasons.

Photos of Sawdon Station :