Pickering Station, September 1949

Pickering Station

The original Pickering station was opened on 26 May 1836 forming the southern terminus of the horse drawn Whitby & Pickering Railway. The site of the station was just north of the present building. After the York & North Midland Railway took over the Whitby & Pickering Line and built a branch from Malton to meet at Pickering, a new station was built to accommodate steam locomotives.

Opened on 7 July 1845 the present station was designed by GT Andrews with an overall slate roof. The Ryedale line from Gilling was opened in stages, finally opening to traffic as far as Pickering on 1st April 1875. The Forge Valley Line opened on 1st May 1882 making Pickering a major rural junction.

Tickets issued in 1911 totalled 44,432, compared to 126,698 sold by the NYMR in 1990.

The overall roof was removed in 1952 by British Railways, when it was decided it would be cheaper to provide canopies.

The last passenger train on the Forge Valley Line was on 3rd June 1950, while the last passenger train between Pilmoor and Pickering via Gilling was on 31st January 1953.

Photos of Pickering Station :