G5 67273 at Mill Lane Junction

Mill Lane Junction

Less than a mile south of Pickering Station was the junction for the Forge Valley Line to the east & the Ryedale branch to the west.

The stretch of track between Kirkby Moorside and Pickering was the final link to Gilling for the Ryedale branch, opened on 1st April 1875 and followed by the Forge Valley line on 1st May 1882, making Pickering an important junction.

Mill Lane signal box had three different types of train working : normal block working on the mainline from Rillington, single line Tyres Tablet working from Gilling and single line Key Token working on the the Forge Valley Line.

The junction to Forge Valley was double track, which was usual North Eastern practice, although the track splitting from the up 'to Malton' working line was always just a siding. This meant that trains gaining access to the Forge Valley Line had to operate on the wrong (down) line for a short distance, until the junction was reached.

Photos of Mill Lane Junction :