Irton Waterworks, May 1996

Irton Waterworks

Around the time the Forge Valley Line opened, Irton Waterworks was built opposite Goose Lane crossing. A trial bore of 100ft was made in 1879, with the main bore-hole 428ft deep being sunk in 1882 and the pumping station opened in 1884.

The top 70ft is a well of cast iron cylinders 10ft in diameter. The original pumps were driven by single cylinder 26’ x 7’ beam engines. They were cable of lifting a million gallons a day.

A new bore was sunk in 1928 nearby, equipped with electric pumps. These were replaced in 1965 by new vertical pumps which could lift six million gallons a day and supply much of the Scarborough area.

Photos of Irton Waterworks :