Rear of Ebberston Station building
Ebberston Station, May 2007
Ebberston Station, May 2007
Ebberston Station in June 1995

Ebberston Station Today

Although all the stations on the Forge Valley Line survive, Ebberston survives in a state a lot like it was before closure.

In 1996 new owners moved to Ebberston Station with plans to start a holiday accommodation business. Mark & Carol Benson decided to use camping coaches for tourists just like the LNER and British Railways did in the past. Their plans not only involved re-laying track by the platform for the camping coaches to stand on, but also to restore the station to look like it would have done in the 1930's.

After the track was lifted in 1953, the station and yard became a farm. A corrigated iron barn was built on the site of the cattle dock at the west end of the platform. The coal cells and part of the station building were used as garages. The station building having a garage door replacing one set of double windows on the road side.

In 1997 a start was made on refurbishing the station with stone cleaning and new paint. The paint colours used were the 1930's chocolate and cream used by the LNER. Track was laid down half of the platform to hold three carriages.

By 1998 three British Railways Mark 2 carriages had arrived and work started converting them into camping coaches. They were appropiatley painted in the LNER tourist stock colours of green and cream.

A lot of work has gone into returning the station to its former glory. The platform now looks a lot like it would have done in the 1930's with fencing, seats, gas lamps, nameboards and lots of flowers.

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