Ebberston Station looking towards Scarborough
Ebberston Station clad with ivy
Ebberston Station around 1910

Ebberston Station

From opening in 1882 the station was originally called Wilton. It was renamed to Ebberston on 1st April 1903. The station was actually situated on the outskirts of Allerston, Wilton being one mile to the west and Ebberston one mile to the east. Possibly to avoid confusion with the Allerton on the York to Harrogate line it didn't use the name Allerston. Allerton station was renamed to Hopperton in 1925.

The station was built so far from Allerston village centre due to the major landowner not wanting the railway to be built.

Exports for Ebberston in 1911:
Tickets sold : 5728
Barley : 554 tons
Wagons of Livestock : 50 wagons

The station yard was well equiped with coal cells split into five sections, a weighbridge and cattle dock. There was also a loop for shunting in the yard off the mainline.

Photos of Ebberston Station :