Derwent Crossing, May 2009

Derwent Crossing

Situated in the village of East Ayton shortly after the Forge Valley Line had crossed over the River Derwent.

There is a well in the yard, probably built by the railway. Apparently the gates were the longest on the line, due to the angle of the road.

Directly opposite the crossing keepers house was a small signal cabin, which had the enamel sign 'Derwent' on it. The cabin was used as a potting shed after closure but has now vanished, apparently used at a racecourse somewhere to take bets.

Ethel Hart was born at Derwent Crossing in 1928. Her mother, Kathleen Hart was the crossing keeper from May 1928 until closure. Her father Charles Hart, was a platelayer and worked on the line from the early 1920's also until closure. Before Charles moved to the crossing keepers house, he lived in East Ayton village.

The Hart family bought the house after closure until 1972, when it was sold and modified to what it looks like now. Ethel Hart moved two houses down the road and was still there in August 2004, when I saw her.

Photos of Derwent Crossing :