Brompton Carr Crossing, May 2006

Brompton Carr Crossing

Located just west of Sawdon Station. Edward/Edwin (?) Pearce was platelayer at Brompton Carr Crossing in 1901 and still there in 1905. From the census it can be seen that Edward/Edwin (?) married Annie and had three children, Robert, Fred and Clara.

The 1901 census for Brompton Carr Gate House looked like this:

Name Age Occupation Parish Where Born Relation
Edward/Edwin (?) Pearce 37 Platelayer Brompton Broughton, Hampshire Head
Annie Pearce ~ 37 Brompton Gilling, Yorkshire Wife
Robert W. Pearce ~ 9 Brompton Brompton Son
Fred Pearce ~ 6 Brompton Brompton Son
Clara Pearce ~ 3 Brompton Brompton Daughter

Photos of Brompton Carr Crossing :