Barkers Lane Crossing

Tom Dickinson was a platelayer at Barker's Lane Gate House in 1901 and still there in 1918. He lived there for 41 years and had 11 offspring, all of which were born at Barker's Lane. Two of his sons, Tom and John, travelled on the last train over the line. In 1950 Tom & John lived at Hutten Buscell.

On 30th September 1918 Snainton Occurrence book recorded that the 11-8am. ex Scarborough train, Class M1 No.1633 driven by driver Dickinson came through the gates here. Platelayer Dickenson was in charge and all the gates were 'badly broken'.

From the census it can be seen that Tom married Esther and by 1901 they had 6 children, Sarah, Albert, Susannah, Arther, Esther and Herbert.

The 1901 census for Barker's Lane Gate House looked like this:

Name Age Occupation Parish Where Born Relation
Tom Dickinson 45 Platelayer Snainton Snainton, Yorkshire Head
Esther Dickinson 41 ~ Snainton Wetwang, Yorkshire Wife
Sarah Dickinson 12 ~ Snainton Snainton, Yorkshire Daughter
Albert Dickinson 10 ~ Snainton Snainton, Yorkshire Son
Susannah Dickinson 7 ~ Snainton Snainton, Yorkshire Daughter
Arthur Dickinson 5 ~ Snainton Snainton, Yorkshire Son
Esther Dickinson 3 ~ Snainton Snainton, Yorkshire Daughter
Herbert Dickinson 11m ~ Snainton Snainton, Yorkshire Son

Photos of Barkers Lane Crossing :